MEDIUM 11g Calcium and Mineral Blocks - Large Packs


Number of Blocks

Shipping weight includes product and packaging and is shown next to each product in (brackets) 

MEDIUM 11g mineral blocks in larger quantity packs. Smaller quantity packs available.

These mineral blocks will last up to 14 days (as per our recommended sizing chart on the enclosed leaflet) sometimes longer in harder water. They contain more than 15 minerals/vitamins in addition to their food content.  Please see our sizing chart for guidance.

For Shrimp - we recommend half the size/dose as shown on the sizing chart. Also, for sensitive shrimp, we advise to pre-soak the block for 10 minutes (in normal tank water) before adding to the tank. This will prevent a sudden increase in minerals (TDS) and the slow release element of the block will continue.

For Turtles & Terrapins - we recommend twice the size/dose per litres of water than shown on the sizing chart. Turtles and terrapins will benefit from the slight increase in gH this will provide to their environment and the block will help to prevent a drop in the water pH level.