Turtles and Terrapins

For Turtles & Terrapins - we recommend twice the size/dose per litres of water than shown on the sizing chart. Turtles and terrapins will benefit from the slight increase in gH this will provide to their environment and the block will help to prevent a drop in the water pH level (neutralize acid water).These blocks will condition the water and have a dechlorinating property to keep your pets in a healthy environment.

For very young turtles we recommend the same size/dose as per tropical fish.

Turtles will nip and nibble the blocks, this is perfectly safe and good for them. However, do not be tempted to keep adding them as treats everyday. Once a week is recommended for turtles.

Product Information

The blocks contain a carefully measured balance of calcium, minerals and nutrients to supplement your tank dweller’s usual diet. They will aid in the maintenance of natural balanced water mineral levels that will benefit the health of all aquarium life.

They are 100% safe for all aquarium life including invertebrates, filter feeders, plants and all fish (cold, temperate, tropical, fresh water and salt water).

Recommended as a regular addition to your aquarium for ultimate longterm health benefits. The food contained within the blocks is released slowly and will not cloud the water. Used as recommended, these blocks do not increase nitrate or nitrites and will not encourage algae. It is recommended that any block remaining after 14 days should be removed and a new one added.

Calcium in your aquarium will help maintain a more stable electrolyte balance (for osmotic function) along with magnesium, another important element that works with calcium. A proper amount of Calcium and Magnesium in your aquarium will benefit the health of all aquarium fish, invertebrates and some plants too.

Magnesium and calcium have been shown to increase resistance to degenerate diseases by lowering the acidity in the body.
This will help with prevention of ich, fungus, and general “wear and tear” in your fish. Calcium also helps in healing and stress, and without proper calcium levels healing may be difficult or impossible.

These mineral blocks contain both digestible calcium for nibblers as well as bioavailable calcium for filter feeders and/or plants. Bioavailable calcium is released into the water column as the block dissolves. Particularly beneficial for Reptiles, Invertebrates such as snails, shrimp but also to breeding fish and fry.

Nutrition: Typical Average Values mg/100g unless specified. Calcium Carbonate: 2000, Crude Protein: 370, Crude Fat: 60, Calcium (Other Bioavailable): 37.9, Vitamin B12: 24, Vitamin C: 21, Fatty Acids: 20, Bicarbonate: 14.8, Vitamin A: 10, Sulphate: 6.85, Sodium: 3, Vitamin E: 1.3, Vitamin D3: 1.3, Magnesium: 1.3, Potassium: 0.15, Chloride: 0.9, Zinc: 0.04, Iron: 0.03 + other trace minerals. Contains Spirulina and Aragonite (pure ground coral).

All ingredients have been manufactured for animal/aquarium use and are not for human consumption. Please keep out of the reach of children.


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